Better PSD to HTML from The Site Slinger.

Have your PSD design file professionally hand-coded to HTML from The Site Slinger's expert team of PSD-to-HTML developers and engineers.

The Site Slinger is an Austin, Texas, PSD to HTML company. We turn your design files into pixel perfect code with flat per page pricing and all basic jQuery included. Try The Site Slinger for your next web application, HTML email template, WordPress site, or Responsive design to code conversion.

What is PSD to HTML?


When you submit your Photoshop ("PSD") for an HTML code conversion, you receive pixel-perfect HTML and CSS from The Site Slinger. But how does it all actually work?

Step 1 - Developer Review

First, developer reviews your design files to make sure that all of the necessary design elements are included in the PSD designs for HTML and CSS conversion. This includes designs for each page you want to see, any hover states, dropdowns, tooltips, sliders, lightboxes, modal popups, form validations, and any other interactive elements that are present in the HTML page. After your PSD designs have been reviewed by a developer you are ready for a quote. Each project is priced on a per page basis, with one PSD file for each HTML file you want to receive.

Step 2 - Hand Coded PSD to HTML5 and CSS3

Once your project is started, an expert front-end web developer is beginning the process of hand-coding your designs. All design elements, including positioning, colors, images, fonts, font sizes, line-heights come from the layers in the PSD design and are converted into HTML code. Our experienced developers go through your PSD file layer by layer to make sure that it is a pixel perfect match to your designs. All code is written in HTML5 with external CSS style sheets using the latest in web standards. Once the initial HTML and CSS is coded it is validated to make sure there are no HTML validation errors.

Step 3 - jQuery Animations and JavaScript Development

Now that the basic HTML and CSS has been coded from your PSD designs our developers can get started coding jQuery animations. These animations include any interactions on the page, from drop-down menus to modal popups. These are taken from different grouped layers in the PSD design, typically with on/off states for each element with an animation or interaction. A good example of this is a button with on, off, and hover states. In the PSD, our developers hand-code the 3 different states with CSS and match the different states in your design exactly.

Step 4 - Quality Inspection and Final Delivery of your HTML

After the jQuery animation elements are coded, your PSD to HTML conversion is complete! You will receive pixel-perfect HTML code that looks exactly like your PSD designs. The Site Slinger is the best PSD to HTML conversion service! The Site Slinger is the PSD to HTML company for your next project.

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