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Drupal from $99 — 7 day delivery Drupal from $99 — 7 day delivery Custom quote rated $35 per man-hour Custom quote rated $35 per man-hour

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A dedicated, experienced team, reasonable deadlines, and high-quality Drupal theme implementation. We are always at your service if you need any custom solutions or widgets. Plus, we offer a free 14-day support.

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    * Fixed price covers basic theme installation. More complex functionality is going to be quoted $35 per hour.

    Why Work with The Site Slinger

    We help you with your web development challenges

    Want it done quickly, efficiently and professionally… without spending a fortune?
    Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re known as one of the best PSD to Drupal developers in the business!

    • Fast delivery & great communication
    • Dedicated project manager
    • Personal friendly approach
    • 14 days of after-sales support

    How We Roll

    PSD to Drupal made awesome

    Drupal is a highly-flexible and easy-to-use CMS, perfect for social network projects,
    forums, galleries and online stores. The Slinger team is here to help you turn your killer
    concepts into a truly magnificent Drupal website with ease!

    Basic Integration

    If you just need a basic site, with a smaller selection of pages and plugins, that’s not a problem!
    We offer simple, straightforward integration, and a pleasingly reasonable price.

    Theme Customization

    If you’ve got a particular look or ‘feel’ for your site in mind, we’ll take
    the Drupal theme you like and tweak it to create the site you want.

    Custom Development

    We’ll move the Moon and Earth to come up with the best solution
    implement tailored specifically for your needs.

    Complete support

    If you need an additional support, you can rely on us to update the site,
    keep modules fresh and fully operational and monitor performance.

    Dan Loewenherz

    Working with The Site Slinger was a great experience from start to finish. They nailed everything in our designs and the markup was superb. I'd highly recommend hiring them for your next PSD to HTML project.

    Dan Loewenherz
    Michael Judkins

    We use The Site Slinger when we need Photoshop web designs coded to pixel perfection. They always deliver quality work on time. I highly recommend Them.

    Michael Judkins
    Patrick Beeson

    SiteSlinger delivered us a responsive front-end under a tight deadline with superb communication and follow-up. It was as if we doubled our team at a fraction of the cost!

    Patrick Beeson
    Deanna Herron

    The Site Slinger did a Rockstar job developing our website. The coding was in perfect harmony. They stayed on schedule and while keeping their professionalism, they were exciting to work with.

    Deanna Herron
    Bart Caylor

    I have been impressed with SiteSlinger with the projects I have done. I know that I'll get top-quality coding at an affordable price. I also appreciate how much communication I get. They are an extension of our team!

    Bart Caylor
    Samantha Corcoran

    Always a great experience with TheSiteSlinger! These guys know how to code and get things done. I'm continually impressed with the outcome and attention to detail.

    Samantha Corcoran
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    PSD to Drupal Conversion Service

    Tailored Precision, Seamless Functionality
    At our Drupal development studio, we understand that your design is not just an aesthetic choice; it's a strategic statement. Our PSD to Drupal service ensures that your design vision is translated into a seamlessly functional Drupal theme. We meticulously dissect your Photoshop files, preserving every element, and transform them into a pixel-perfect, cross-browser compatible, and responsive Drupal theme. Your website will not only look stunning but also operate flawlessly across various devices and platforms.
    Enhancing Performance, Speed, and SEO
    We know the significance of website performance and SEO in today's digital landscape. Our professional PSD to Drupal conversion service optimizes your theme for enhanced speed, ensuring that your website loads quickly and efficiently. By adhering to best practices and Drupal standards, we ensure that your website is search engine friendly, giving you a competitive edge in online visibility. From clean hand-coded Drupal theme to streamlined performance, we ensure your fully functional Drupal website embodies excellence in every aspect.
    Flexibility and Scalability for Future Growth
    Your business is dynamic, and your website should reflect that. Our PSD to Drupal theme conversion service provides the foundation for a flexible and scalable digital presence. Drupal's modular architecture allows for easy integration of new features and functionalities as your business evolves. With our expertise, your Drupal site will be adaptable to future changes and expansions, ensuring your website remains at the forefront of technology and aligns with your evolving business needs.
    Dedicated Support and Client-Centric Approach
    Embarking on a website transformation journey can raise questions and concerns. We prioritize a client-centric approach throughout the PSD to Drupal projects. Our dedicated team is always available to address your queries, provide guidance, and offer support at every stage. We collaborate closely with you, ensuring your requirements are met and your vision is brought to life. Your satisfaction and success are our primary goals, and we're committed to achieving them.

    PSD to Drupal Conversion FAQ

    • What exactly is PSD to Drupal conversion?

      PSD to Drupal theme conversion involves transforming your PSD design files (or other design file formats, such as Sketch or Figma) into a fully functional and interactive Drupal website. Our experienced Drupal developers ensure pixel-perfect results by converting PSD designs into a custom Drupal theme, following W3C standards for HTML and CSS.

    • How long does the PSD to Drupal conversion process usually take?

      The duration of the PSD to Drupal conversion varies based on the complexity of the design and the features required. Typically, a standard project may take a few weeks. Our skilled Drupal developers meticulously convert your PSD designs into a theme that guarantees a seamless user experience across browsers and devices.

    • Can you preserve my PSD's design integrity and look during the conversion?

      Absolutely. Our skilled PSD to Drupal developers excel at preserving the design integrity of your PSD files during the conversion process. We meticulously convert them into Drupal themes, ensuring a pixel-perfect transformation and maintaining the original design's aesthetics.

    • Will the Drupal theme be compatible with different devices and browsers?

      Our skilled Drupal developers focus on meticulous CSS and HTML coding during the PSD to Drupal theme conversion, ensuring compatibility across various browsers and devices. Your website will provide a seamless user experience, regardless of the browser used.

    • What about future updates and changes to the Drupal theme?

      Your Drupal theme is designed for flexibility and ease of customization. Our experienced Drupal team structures the theme to facilitate future updates and changes, ensuring it remains pixel perfect and aligns with your evolving requirements.

    • Before it goes live, can I see a preview or demo of the converted Drupal theme?

      Absolutely. We provide a development environment or staging site where you can preview and test the converted Drupal theme. Our Drupal professionals encourage feedback and revisions to ensure a customized and pixel-perfect Drupal theme before it goes live.

    • What happens to the original PSD files after the conversion?

      We securely store the original PSD design files for a designated period, ensuring they are available for future reference or adjustments if needed during the PSD to Drupal development or customization services.

    • Will I have control over the content and features of the Drupal theme after the conversion?

      You will have full control and access to the Drupal CMS, allowing you to manage content and features effortlessly. Our experienced Drupal developers ensure the creation of a custom Drupal theme that provides you with complete control and customization options.

    • Is ongoing support and maintenance available for the Drupal theme?

      We offer ongoing support and maintenance services for your Drupal theme post-conversion. Our skilled Drupal developers are here to address any issues, updates, or enhancements needed, ensuring your custom Drupal theme remains top-notch.

    • How do you handle client feedback and revisions during the conversion process?

      We value client input at every PSD to Drupal conversion project stage. Our Drupal team establishes clear communication channels to gather feedback and implement revisions, resulting in a Drupal theme that aligns precisely with your vision and requirements.

    • Is my project kept confidential and secure during the conversion process?

      We prioritize client confidentiality and security throughout the PSD to Drupal development process. Your project and data are handled with the utmost privacy and safeguarded against unauthorized access.

    • What sets your PSD to Drupal conversion service apart from others?

      Our service stands out due to the expertise of our skilled Drupal developers, who convert PSD to Drupal themes with a focus on pixel perfection and seamless browser compatibility. We offer unparalleled customization services, resulting in a Drupal theme that exceeds expectations.

    • How do I get started with the PSD to Drupal theme conversion service?

      Simply contact us through our contact form, and our skilled Drupal developers will guide you through the initial steps, including project assessment and understanding your requirements. Let's begin the journey to bring your PSD design to life in Drupal!