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By Jeremy H.

7 Pro-Tips for Web Design

Here at The Site Slinger we live and breathe web development – we’ve been experts in turning design to code since 2009!

All too often, website design files get submitted to us missing some of the fundamental components for effective and efficient web development.

Whether you are a designer working on a website for a client, or a client who isn’t sure what they need to get from their designer, following these pro-tips will get your design ready to be turned into code by our team at The Site Slinger.

7 Pro-Tips for Web Design

design in Photoshop, it is the best for web design (sorry, Illustrator, Fireworks and InDesign fans!)

DO design all of the pages you want to see as HTML or on a WordPress site — We match your designs exactly!

DO design all animation states, javascript validation, button states (click, hover, off), modals and anything else you can think of. If you don’t see it in the design, we can’t see it to code it!

DO label and organize your Photoshop design “PSD” files — 1 page per PSD, organized into labeled folders and layers.

DO say “I’m not sure, I will have to check” to a client if you are unsure on complex functionality or implementation — Its okay to say “I don’t know” – that’s why we are here!

 talk with your developer and spec out your project before signing off on designs.

DO ask questions and get to know your friendly Austin, Texas web developer. We are always happy to answer questions about turning designs into code!

Have a question about one of these pro-tips or want to know more? Chat with a Site Slinger from 8am-6pm CST here on our website, or contact us.

*Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, used under the Creative Commons license.

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