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By Jeremy H.

Bootstrap 3 Released!


The long awaited update to the premier responsive framework has arrived! On August 19th, the folks behind Twitter Bootstrap took the latest version out of beta and announced the release of Bootstrap 3, coinciding with the two-year anniversary of the original release.

Here at The Site Slinger, we’ve received many inquiries about Bootstrap 3 and have been waiting to get our hands on the latest, stable version. We’re excited to code up more responsive websites using the new Bootstrap, with all of its great improvements! Submit your PSD to Bootstrap 3 project today!

Here’s a few updates in the release worth calling out

  • Mobile first and always responsive! Nearly everything has been redesigned and rebuilt to start from your handheld devices and scale up. With Bootstrap 3 we’ve gone deep on responsive and mobile first—it’s built in and no longer requires a separate stylesheet. That’s great for most folks, but not everyone needs or wants an adaptive web site or application. To help, we’ve added some documentation and an example that disables the adaptive or responsive features with some extra CSS. Check out the Disabling responsiveness section or head right to the non-responsive example to learn more.
  • Better box model by default. Everything in Bootstrap gets box-sizing: border-box, making for easier sizing options and an enhanced grid system.
  • Super-powered grid system. With four tiers of grid classes—phones, tablets, desktops, and large desktops—you can do some super crazy awesome layouts.
  • New Glyphicons icon font! While they were gone for a while, we’ve since restored the Glyphicons to the main repo. In 2.x, they were images, but now they’re in font format and include 40 new glyphs.
  • Overhauled navbar. It’s now always responsive and comes with some super handy and re-arrangable subcomponents.
  • Modals are way more responsive. We’ve overhauled the modal code to make it way more responsive on mobile devices
  • Dropped Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6 support. For Internet Explorer 8, you’ll need to include Respond.js for all the media queries to work correctly. You can read more about browser support in the docs.
Source: Official Bootstrap Blog 

You can read the official Bootstrap blog post about the release, complete with a celebratory Montell Jordan – “This is How We Do It” music video — AWESOME!

In case you’re wondering what the heck Bootstrap even is…

Twitter Bootstrap was created by a couple of guys at Twitter to maintain consistency across many internal tools. In public form, it’s a free, yet powerful framework for front-end development of websites and web applications. It uses HTML and CSS-based layout templates for typography, and interface components like forms, buttons and navigation elements. The key is that it’s a highly flexible framework built for the new era of responsive web design. Learn more about our PSD to Bootstrap conversion process here.


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