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By Jeremy H.

President Obama Visits Our Office

President Obama Visits Our Office

We’re extremely proud to be part of Capital Factory, a technology incubator, where President Obama visited last week. Austin is a buzzing technology hub so it’s no surprise that President Obama and the CTO of the United States chose to visit. He discussed a wide range of topics with us, from the JOBS act to the new Open Data Executive Order. It was an honor to meet him and an amazing spotlight on the Austin technology community.

We wanted to share some highlights from the President’s visit:

Celebrating Innovators

We are lucky enough to get to work with creative and technology professionals every day at The Site Slinger, so it was great to hear Joshua Baer quoting now Austin-resident, Dr. Bob Metcalfe (inventor of ethernet), say, “Celebrate our entrepreneurs like we celebrate our athletes.” to President Obama.

The President’s visit certainly did this, and we hope there’s a continued effort to highlight the creative and entrepreneurial people like you that we get to work with from Austin to Australia!

Why Austin?

When it comes to growth in technology, Austin is a unique place. The innovative spirit of Austin combined with the physical space at Capital Factory creates the density necessary for fast growth. It’s great to see this happening not only in Austin, but all over the globe in technology hubs.

Austin Tech Hub

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